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Not sure you’re ready for coaching but would like to investigate further? No problem, we can arrange for a one on one discussion giving you an opportunity to explore how coaching may fit meet your personal aspirations for the future. This is not a coaching session but rather a chance for you to learn more about options available to you.

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Realizing your potential can become a part of your daily routine. Empor is dedicated to your success through the disciplines of Executive Coaching, Sales Consulting, Coaching and Training. The journey is yours and Empor supports you through goal setting, workshop facilitation, team building and more.

Whether you are an established CEO in a strong organization seeking a sounding board for your ideas or a newly minted Entrepreneur seeking business support and leadership, Empor has the means to work with you to realize your potential.

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I was looking for help deciding what I actually want out of my career and how I can accomplish that. I wanted to gain more confidence that I could take on a Management Role and help me become a good leader. I also wanted to gain confidence in my interactions with clients and contractors. I see the business in a different way now, I understand what you need to be a good leader verses a boss. I see how being open and honest is a strength as a leader not a weakness. I am more confident in what I do every day, I know that I can be a good Manager if I have the proper team behind me. I know that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything that I want to accomplish. I have no fear in dealing with complicated or delicate matters. I also understand that everyone has a different style of communicating and my style is being direct and honest. Vicky gave me insight and taught me about life not just work, something that no one else could even come close to. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs some help.

Corinna Turner

Recruitment Manager, Technical Support Group